PumpkinHouse Studio

design approach

We work to create beautiful, useful, enjoyable spaces for living (and working) that fit the client’s needs, satisfy their desires, and meet both their budget and their schedule.

collaborative design

We work hard at understanding our clients’ objectives and priorities, and then work collaboratively with clients to arrive at functional, creative, and fun design solutions. Our design process is a true collaboration: we ask lots of project-related questions, listen intently to the answers, and allow them to inform our design solutions.

economical and imaginative solutions

Good design does not always have to be expensive. Our goal is to create solutions that are elegant yet simple, imaginative yet sensible, and that meet our clients needs (if not their wildest dreams). We like working with builders early in the design process, resulting in fewer unpleasant surprises and avoiding time spent designing elements that can’t be built.

creative and functional design

Our design solutions are best described as creative, timeless, and functional. Our projects have a refined simplicity, thoughtful attention to detail, and clean yet comfortable design. We like our design to be informed by the context, the client, and the particular project requirements, using the design process as a tool to problem solve.

personal attention

As a small firm, we provide personal attention to all of our clients. We enjoy our small office, and find it works well for our clients. Additionally, being small allows us to keep our overhead expenses down; thus we are able to offer very competitive hourly rates resulting in more value for your dollar.

livable and enjoyable spaces

We feel that well-designed spaces are those that people enjoy using. We design livable spaces that are comfortable and enjoyable to be in, and that function well, based on the way people really live and work.

sustainable design

Building construction and operation uses over one third of the energy and resources consumed in the U.S. today; additionally, many building products are less than ideal in their potential effect on the health of our clients. We work with our clients to evaluate the most appropriate sustainable design and construction methods and materials for their particular project. Through smarter design and building, the resulting building and its landscape will sit more lightly on the land, be more energy efficient, and be healthier to live in.