PumpkinHouse Studio

residential design

We provide design services for residential projects of all sizes, working collaboratively with you to create beautiful, meaningful, sustainable, and enjoyable places that are tailored to your particular ways of living, habits, inclinations and needs. We tailor our professional services to the needs of each client and project, while maintaining our focus on quality design and well-constructed projects. Services can range from preparing simple design and permit drawings to designing a new home, getting planning approval, and developing thorough construction documents. We have worked with many skilled builders and can help you find the right contractor for your job, as well as provide construction oversight and project management services. Interior design services include selection of materials, lighting, finishes and fixtures, and color.

Remodeling or building a house is a once or twice in a lifetime adventure: an opportunity to shape your environment in a unique way. We take care to help clients through the process, asking lots of questions to determine goals, needs and priorities; providing answers and advice, based on our years of experience; and developing functional, creative designs.

We pride ourselves on:

  • Listening to you – to understand your needs, hopes and desires, and budget constraints
  • Paying attention to detail – creating unique and special parts of exterior and interior design
  • Designing in different styles – working with the context, your interests, and the existing building to create a cohesive (if occasionally eclectic) look
  • Being able to understand the needs of you and your family (as a working mother, Jennifer knows the demands and needs of living with children)
  • Creating spaces that work for you, whether it be additional storage space, functional and beautiful kitchens, or inspiring spaces for playing and relaxing