PumpkinHouse Studio

sustainability & home performance consulting

We are constantly reviewing and researching the newest techniques, materials and methods available in the construction industry, and are particularly focused on finding and integrating environmentally sustainable technologies and practices into our designs. We are certified Green Building Professionals and can provide LEED and GreenPoint Rated testing and design services as needed for your project. We have also developed partnerships with other home performance professionals to provide home performance testing for you. Services include testing and recommendations for energy and building envelope, water efficiency, indoor air quality, waste reduction, carbon footprint, and safety & emergency preparedness.

We can help you:

  • Make your home more energy efficient, reducing your heating and cooling costs
  • Increase the health of your home by improving air quality
  • Reduce your water consumption
  • Find creative ways to reuse and recycle, and reduce the stream of stuff in your home
  • Get connected to current grants and incentive programs
  • Find the space that you thought you didn’t have
  • Make your existing home more livable and inspiring
  • Renovate your home in the most appropriate, sustainable way
  • Help you identify information and green products that meet your needs
  • Manage your project, and help you implement your goals and action plan