welcome to the pumpkin house studio blog

Hi, I am Jennifer Cooper and the principal of Pumpkin House Studio.  I live and work in the Pumpkin House, and am a designer, mother, crafter, cook, gardener, maker, and tinkerer.  Pumpkin House blog chronicles my explorations and revelations in how design and homesteading, and home and work life intersect in my daily life and our urban neighborhood.

Pumpkin House Studio is located in Oakland, California on a streetcorner in the Rockridge neighborhood.  It is a converted storefront building, creatively redesigned and developed by Jennifer Cooper and her husband, architect Tom Dolan in 2000.  Our design office is located in our live-work building, along with our home.

Visit the Pumpkin House Studio website to learn more about my architectural design work.

Visit Soulful Pastimes to read more about my other pastimes that bring joy and happiness to me and my family.

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