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pumpkin house studio prints

Just in time for the holidays, we are happy to announce Pumpkin House Studio prints: handprinted napkins, coasters, market bags, and stationery.  All made to order.  Stay tuned for an expanded product line and new colors and patterns (currently in progress!).  For now contact us if you are interested in making an order.

sunny shop

We had a wonderful pop up shop this past Sunday.  It was so great to see the storefront filled with beautiful crafts and art and happy customers.  It was a great group of women artists who handcrafted some fabulous items.  The sun came out just in time to shine down on us, and filled the shop with a warm glow.  Thanks to all who made it so successful – we couldn’t have done it without you.  And to all those who didn’t get their napkins before they sold out, please let me know how many you need, and your color preferences.  Pumpkin House studio will start handprinting napkins again next week.

pop-up shop

It’s coming.  I’m busy preparing.  And I don’t mean Christmas.   A sunny afternoon after a stormy morning warmed me up to take on the preparations.  Hoping to stamp some napkins tonight.

If you live nearby, please come to our holiday pop-up shop this Sunday December 2, 12-4pm.  See our storefront return to its origin.  We have 10 amazing local artists selling their beautiful creations, with something for everyone – from jewelry to knits, pillowcases to paintings, homemade skirts to essential oils and notecards.  Come in from the rainy weather anticipated for Sunday, and join us for hot tea and homemade treats.


hanging out at the pumpkin house

We had a great Sunday at our craft sale.  It was warm and sunny, and many good friends stopped by to hang out and buy some of the beautiful crafts.  After all the preparation and cleaning and crafting, it was so nice to sit and relax and enjoy the place.  And eat all the delicious cheese, chocolates, and homemade lemon balm tea (more on that later!).

market bags

I happily finished one of my craft projects in time for the sale.  Muslin market bags – ones to take to the farmers’ market or any market and fill with produce.  Next time I will go for the bigger size; these are a little small.  But nice for a bunch of carrots or some onions or garlic, or a few apples.

And I am getting even better at printing on fabric; at last I am developing some better techniques.  It is helpful to minimize the number of stampings on each piece; 2 was just about right.  I still love carving using the rubber carving blocks.  You can’t get the same detail as with linoleum, but it is better to keep it simple when printing on fabric anyway.  And the ease of carving – particularly on the onions, made it so fun to do.  Here’s to the next project, likely those napkins in search of a stamp….

spring craft sale

This Sunday, May 6th, Pumpkin House Studio is teaming up with Darcy Russell of Feria Urbana to host a fabulous Spring Craft Sale at our pop-up storefront.  There will be 12 talented artisans selling locally handmade jewelry, knitted goods, fine prints and paintings, girls leggings and accessories, and more.  The garden will be open and we will have homemade lemonade, tea, and nibbles.  Come by and visit!

new life for an old chair


I wasn’t particularly fond of these bentwood chairs my husband Tom bought for a pittance at a local yard sale.  But we needed some new chairs, and so they were put to use, brown naugahyde and all.  I grew more accustomed to them around our dining table, and decided it was time for their makeover.  I searched for and found a fabric that suited the chair, our house, and Tom (and me, of course).  I did the first ones, and later involved my son in the effort.  With fun tools such as vice grips, screwdriver, and staple gun, what’s not to enjoy.  And I love these chairs now around the table.  I had to say no to my inner perfectionist who wanted to refinish the wood frames – they fit in well here with their bit of roughness……


When we decided to host a craft sale here at the Pumpkin House, I realized I had better start crafting.  I love making so many different things, but it was a fairly easy decision to carve some new rubber stamps and start stamping.  I found different papers and napkins stashed away, waiting for that day, and set up a crafting studio in the storefront.  A different version of Pumpkin House Studio, but one that awakened the love of crafting that lies inside me.  What fun I had, and managed to make some notecards, napkins, and coasters.  Stay tuned for the seasonal craft sales at the Pumpkin House to come in 2012.  And more crafting to come.

woodburning makes a comeback

Last week I assisted a fellow parent in helping my son’s class burn designs onto wooden bowls.  I hadn’t touched a wood burning tool in at least 30 years, but found it was quite fun.  We found another tool was going to help move the project along, so I happily offered to buy one (thank goodness they still sell these at the art shop blocks from my house).  And once it came home, I had to put it to use.  Hmmmmm, what could I burn?  I looked around and found some redwood scraps, and remembered a friend’s birthday coming up.  A bedroom sign was born: sanding, sketching, and burning, followed by a little mineral oil.  Even the kids got into the project and made their own presents.  What an enjoyable way to spend a Friday afternoon!

winter knitting

Sometime around October, when the days grow shorter, is usually when I like to delve into my knitting basket. I rediscover unfinished projects, typically left undone because of a need for more yarn or buttons or my difficulty with understanding some part of the pattern.  And I get new ideas for some family member, trying to find the right use of a wonderful ball of yarn or two.   I recently knitted up several remaining balls of Mission Falls cotton into a baby surprise jacket (from Elizabeth Zimmerman) for my nephew.  It is such an interesting pattern to knit; thus both the process and the results are wonderful.

Knitting is a wonderful way for me to slow down with the seasons and be more present, to snuggle on the couch with my kids (by the fire if I get lucky), or to keep me content while playing a game or attending a meeting.  I enjoy knitting most as a process and way to relax than as a means to complete a project.  I certain many knitters have already discovered this, but for me – one who seems so often project oriented with task or goal always directing me, this was truly a deep revelation.  So instead of getting frustrated when I started 3 projects at once, I realized this was the best way to enjoy it.  Being able to choose the right level of effort required; and usually the most basic one wins.