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winter knitting

Sometime around October, when the days grow shorter, is usually when I like to delve into my knitting basket. I rediscover unfinished projects, typically left undone because of a need for more yarn or buttons or my difficulty with understanding some part of the pattern.  And I get new ideas for some family member, trying to find the right use of a wonderful ball of yarn or two.   I recently knitted up several remaining balls of Mission Falls cotton into a baby surprise jacket (from Elizabeth Zimmerman) for my nephew.  It is such an interesting pattern to knit; thus both the process and the results are wonderful.

Knitting is a wonderful way for me to slow down with the seasons and be more present, to snuggle on the couch with my kids (by the fire if I get lucky), or to keep me content while playing a game or attending a meeting.  I enjoy knitting most as a process and way to relax than as a means to complete a project.  I certain many knitters have already discovered this, but for me – one who seems so often project oriented with task or goal always directing me, this was truly a deep revelation.  So instead of getting frustrated when I started 3 projects at once, I realized this was the best way to enjoy it.  Being able to choose the right level of effort required; and usually the most basic one wins.