early spring planting

I finally got to plant in the garden this weekend.  What a nourishing 30 minutes it was.  Or maybe it was an hour………… as I weeded, turned the soil, turned the compost pile, dug out some fresh compost, added it to the bed, and planted the little lettuce and kale seedlings – amongst some of their older cousins.  Sometimes I start my own, but now that local growers Kassenhoff sell seedlings at our local farmers’ market, it feels great to get them and plant them – all in a day.  And perhaps because the well-tended organic seedlings are started nearby, they all seem to flourish and grow well in our garden.  Here’s to the homegrown salad we will be enjoying in about a month……….

I also finally found flowerettes growing in my cauliflower.  I have been checking them weekly, hoping that they would finally grow the little ones.  It happened quickly, likely with the recent warm weather, as the little “flowers” are already an inch across – maybe you can see below.

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